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Vex Blocks is an Innovative Perfect 3 Match Puzzle Game

Posted March 11, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Puzzle games are always abundant in the Google Play Store, and in fact there is practically no shortage when it comes to these type of games. But for the developers of Itzy Interactive, puzzle games have just turned out to be actually fun and entertaining with their new game called Vex Blocks.


So you might ask what is Vex Blocks and what makes it entertaining? Well for those of you who have played matching 3 blocks before, then this type of game won’t be unfamiliar with you.  Players are  tasked with one goal and that is matching a 3 or more blocks of the same color to eliminate one of them. Each block is different and has its own special symbol that you need to match them in order for it to be blasted out in the field.  Players will also be able to rotate their device and control the gravity in the game making the new blocks fall on a solid ground giving you new opportunities to match new blocks.


Vex Blocks has four game modes and these are FREEPLAY, TIMED, ARCADE and PUZZLE modes. In Freeplay, players will have the option to chill out and let the blocks get electrified and explore. While in Time mode, they have to rack up as many points as they can trying to lightning chain each block.  Puzzle mode on the other hand will let players solve over 80+ puzzles and clear all the blocks without wasting any precious moves. And lastly, Arcade mode lets players enjoy an intense game of destroying blocks and finishing your game.

As you progress through the game you’ll be able to earn coins in which you can use to buy power-up to help you out with your game. If you happen to be in a mood for some puzzle matching game then you’ll be happy shelling out $0.99 for Vex Blocks at the Google Play Store.

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