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Turn Based Multiplayer Game TurtleStrike Bombs Its Way onto Android this July 25th

Posted July 22, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Nothing can be cooler with a Turtle having some armaments up on its shell. And that is how the developers eeGon, has in mind when coming up with the game TurtleStrike.¬† This particular game is most similar to many combat games like Worms, but instead you’ll have turtles armed with dangerous weapons on their shells. As soon as the game begins, players will have to create three different formations using 10 turtles. Players will have to place their turtles strategically in order for you to win on each level.


Once you have set all your turtles in play, you’ll then hit the waters and square it off with other players to see who is more skillful and strategy wise placed their turtles tactically. During each turn you’ll be able to Shoot a Missile, Torpedo or Move depending on your choice. Think of it as Worms, but the only difference is that you have turtles battling it out on a much grandeur scale. There are also special moves such as using a shield or special weapon that you can fly it through the air.


TurtleStrike features over 50 weapons and armors to suite your playing style and offers tournaments that nets you in real prize money. ¬†Multiplayer gameplay has also been introduced and you’ll be battling out with other opponents on a global scale.

For those of you who are looking forward to the game TurtleStrike then you can wait just a few more days as it will be slowly heading its way to the Google Play this coming July 25th. And yes, it will be available free to play.

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