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Total Recall for Android Now Available for Android and iOS Devices

Posted July 30, 2012 by Paul Samuel in News

Total Recall hits theater’s next week, and what better way to tie up with the movie by launching a new game. The new Total Recall is already available in the Google Play Store and App Store for $0.99. The game promises “non-stop adrenaline-pumping action”, with a unique blend of fast paced action inspired directly by the movie.

Total Recall is a first person shooters that follows faithfully to the upcoming Total Recall movie. Players will play as Douglas Quaid, and your mission takes you to uncover the “ultimate” truth by travelling to New Asia and to the Earth’s core.  The game is set to feature beautiful 3D graphics, that is taken  straight from the film with comic-book inspired storylines after each mission.

In the process of discovering the truth, players will be able to eliminate their adversaries with a wide variety of futuristic weapons that includes a one-shot kill handgun,  assault rifles, SMG’s and a rapid-fire GATLIN LMG to blast your enemies to pieces.

Total Recall for Android will have eight missions in total, with an additional 7 missions coming soon on later updates.  If you just can’t get enough of the movie, then the Total Recall game will definitely ease your cravings.  You can witness the Total Recall game first hand on the Google Play Store or check out the Youtube gameplay below.

Comeback for more as we give you our first impressions with our Total Recall review.

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