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Strange Game from Magna Interactive, lets you play as a zombie head

Posted September 20, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

While there are many great games in the Google Play Store, there are some of them that feels a bit strange than the average game.  Enter Rolling Head, a zombie game developed by a Brazilian development studio Magna Interactive, that puts players shoes in the head of a rolling zombie.

Rolling Head’s gameplay starts off with a recent zombie apocalypse in which you happen to lose your head. Your mission is simple, to get back to your zombie body before you rot and die. The game levels are set in a farm-themed environment filled with various challenges and obstacles that you need to get pass through. That includes traversing in mud filled locations or angry humans wielding with forks. You can regain health by eating brains littered across the field.

The game sports nice 3D graphics and features the familiar tune of  zombie sound effects that you came to now before. If you are into zpmbie games, Rolling Head can be entertaining as well as a challenging game to play. IT does however prove to be a funny hame by injecting a little bit of humor. So if you feel lie bowling for heads today, then grab Rolling Head absolutely free at the Google Play Store.


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