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Square Enix Showcasing 9 Upcoming Games for Android and iOS at Gamescon

Posted July 30, 2012 by Paul Samuel in News

Square Enix has surprised us lately with a lot of Final Fantasy games that includes Final Fantasy III and the original Final Fantasy. With Gamescom nearing, Square Enix has yet another announcement to make and it is certainly good. For those of you who don’t know it yet, Gamescon is the world’s largest trade fair and even that will highlight upcoming games in the near future. Square Enix has already released with their upcoming mobile titles that includes Final Fantasy Dimension, Qwirkle, Motley Blocks, KooZac, Guardian Cross, Demon’s Score, Mensa Academy, Drakerider and SolaRola.

Final Fantasy Dimensions will be the main highlight of the trade fair at Android at Gamescom together with their other titles.

Here is the complete list of upcoming games by Square Enix together with brief descriptions.


Qwirkle is MindWare’s best –selling board game and Square Enix has made it into a mobile platform that will soon roll out on smartphones, tablets and even on Facebook. Players will be put to the test with a matching game that requires some sort of tactical maneuvers and a well planned strategy to accomplish the game. Qwirkle is much like a Bejeweled type of game that will require you to match tiles based on color and shape.


KooZac was rumored way back in January , and was developed by Ben Cusack. The game is a mash-up of Tetris and Sudoku in which players need to position their falling blocks on top of each other to achieve a target number. KooZac has already been released online and is played by over 15 million persons across 135 countries.

Motley Blocks

Motley Blocks is another puzzle matching game. But instead of tapping square tiles and matching them with their appropriate figure, players will instead drag their fingers across the screen to connect blocks of the same color as they revolve around a circular pattern. Basically the game is just another 3-match color game that you can find in many Android puzzle games.


Square Enix has been investing a lot of puzzle games lately, and with Sola Rola, you get another classic puzzle platform that is already available on Google Play. Unfortunately Square Enix has made a terrible mistake of releasing the game as the Android version doesn’t appear to be working. Were hoping that the new version that

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they are planning on releasing at Gamescon will work flawlessly for both iOS and Android devices.


Drakerider is a new RPG title from Square Enix and promises to break away from the Final Fantasy antics. In Drakerider, players will take the role of Aran Lawson, with a quest to save the world from destruction by the Dread. As the name implores, players will be riding on a dragon’s back. Drakerider could set the bar of RPG titles as the game is quite innovative with you dealing with dragon’s and RPG like elements to add in to the bunch.

Demon’s Score

Perhaps the game that caught us our attention was Demon’s Score. According to official details, Demon’s Score is a breakbeat action game that mashes-up music and battles into one single gameplay. What’s even better, Demon’s Score will use the latest unreal Engine 3 to deliver stunning graphics and an action packed game complete with musical score.

Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross is a unique creature-based battle card game that puts players into the role of “tamers” who capture, raise and control powerful beast called as “Guardians”. The game is more like a Magic the Gathering slash Yugi Oh gameplay.

Mensa Academy

Lastly, Square Enix will have a brain puzzle game known as Mensa Academy. If you love brain games that test your IQ, then you will certainly love this game. Stretch your brain cells and challenge yourself in more than 100 unique puzzles and mini games that is designed to test your brain to its limits. Not only that it will also stimulate your brain in key areas like visual, language and logic.

There you have it the complete list of upcoming game titles by Square-Enix. As soon as the game rolls out, you’ll be the first one to know. Catch us next time as we tell you more about the latest Android games featured at Gamescon.

What do you think of these upcoming games by Square-Enix? Do you have your favorite pick from the rest? Tell us what you think on the comment section below.

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