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Spicy Horse Games Partners with DeNA for a TCG-RPG Game Hell Invaders

Posted June 6, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

DeNa together with McGee’s Spicy Horse Games have officially announced their partnership for their upcoming title called Hell Invaders. Basically this new game will make use of DeNA’s social gaming platform Mobage.


Fans who love TCG game will certainly love Hell Invaders as it is one of those few titles that mixes TCG and RTS into one mash-up experience. The game is set in the Underworld and instead of just seeing cards and their basic animations that fly around on screen, players will get the opposite as battle sequence are set in full action 3D where you your cards come alive and fight each other to the death. The rendered visuals are pretty spectacular and you can further expand your cards with new upgrades and skills represented as the battle happens.


Hell Invaders will be both available for single-player campaigns and you can even duke it out with other players in PvP arenas depending on who you want to go against with. Players will also be able to trade cards in the game, pretty much the same to its real life counterpart where you trade for rare and unique cards. As of now, Hell Invaders still doesn’t have a release date. However, the game will only be coming to tablet devices.

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