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Slash Enemies in this Innovative Rhythm Action Game Music Samurai

Posted September 11, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

What do you get if you blend music and Samurai? We’ll obviously you get Music Samurai, an action packed rhythm game that puts you on the shoes of a Samurai, slicing up people along the way as you run. Music Samurai is the latest installment developed by Pixel Punch that fits nicely as a rhythm action game.

Music Samurai is inspired by hit TV show classics like Afro Samurai,  and features some elements like the art being used, combined with music to create one interesting game that is fun to play with. They also have injected a bit of humor in the game as the storyline is based on you as the angry Samurai who seeks vengeance  after his bowl of rice is eaten by an evil  overweight Samurai.

The setting takes place in a village where you have to slice your way while keeping the beat and feel of the music. Compared to Temple Run where you just have to slice your fingers from across the screen to run, Music Samurai takes another approach by letting you rhyme with the music that is very similar in nature to music titles such as Rock Band. Tapping on the screen on time is the key and you will have your angry Samurai slashing down opponents. There are two modes to play through that includes: Story Mode that follows the story, and Infinite Mode.

Music Samurai also features a weekly leaderboard that you have to complete and a Golden Dragon that you need to find to bolster your points. If you have been a fan of running games before, then you might want to take a look on Music Samurai fresh from the Google Play Store.

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