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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Flies Its Way to Android

Posted September 2, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

¬†Skylanders is not just your ordinary game, but rather a unique type of game that combines toys and video games and mashes it into one. You’ve probably have heard of the game when it was supposed to come out way back in E3 2012, but for any reason it hasn’t made its round for its mobile version. However, Activision was able to solve this problem by creating a new game called Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for mobile versions.


In this particular game, you’ll be able to join in one of the cast of Skylanders to go hunting for escaped trolls.¬† Players will be able to control a cannon like vehicle, and be able to blast out the trolls to smithereens. You can also do this by doing combo shots, by sliding your finger through multiple targets.


Skylander: Cloud Patrol features simple gameplay by using your fingers to slide across targets and creating combos. Your goal is simple, and that is to earn more points and collect more loot. You can also earn gems in the process to unlock more Skylanders. Lastly, there are also tons of magic items that you can use, to help you power-up your adventure.

Just like any other Skylander games, if you have one of their miniature toys, you can input the code and use them in the game.¬† Sadly, you won’t be able to use them like its PC counterpart as you there is no “portal like NFC” that you can transport your characters.

You can grab Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for $1.99 at the Google Play Store. Have fun blasing Trolls!

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