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Pokemon Inspired Game Deozoa Jumpstarts at Kickstarter

Posted August 23, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Pokemon fans will surely love this new kickstarter game called Deozoa: Legends of Eden. Featuring a monster catching gameplay, Deozoa feels and breathes like a Pokemon game

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on steroids. The game is a combination of RPG with turn-based strategy wrapped into one neat little monster catching game.

What makes Deozoa a fantastic game to play is the act it will be released as a premium title with no pesky in-game purchase or monthly fees that would benefit players who have money. Instead, gamers will be treated to a full blown epic RPG slash monster catching game that will give your hard earn money worth the purchase. The game is slated for both Android and iOS platforms with support to tablet, PC and OUYA versions as well. According to the information we’ve gathered, Deozoa will feature over 100 monsters for you to capture and collect. Throughout the entire game, players will have to battle out creatures, evolve them into advance creatures or collect them.

To keep you even more interested, Deozoa is not a solo game where you continuously grind for hours to level-up your monsters but rather you can invite 10 other characters to join your party. It is not limited to your monsters that takes part in huge battles but also your other teammates as well as six additional character classes. There are a total of 12 element based attacks making it an in-depth game with more monsters having their own pro’s and con’s.

As far as development is concert, Deozoa is looking good just by judging on the visuals alone. It looks decent and we’re guessing that the game will be turn-based. Right now, half of the game is already finished with about 50 monsters already in the database. Currently the whole Deozoa teams requires a $78,000 funding and with just a couple of hours they have manage to rake in some additional cash but still too far away from their target.

To learn more about the game you can visit their Kickstarter page campaign and support the developers or you can head over to their official website.



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