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Pixel Inspired RPG Game Called Pixel Dungeon Arrives in Google Play

Posted March 6, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Dungeon crawling games are fun to play with whether its’ a fun filled action game in 3D or in glorious pixel art 2D. And that is what we are emphasizing today as a rouge like dungeon crawler named Pixel Dungeon has just arrived in the Google Play Store.


What makes Pixel Dungeon a fun game to play with has to be its graphics with all the eye candy you can handle. Even better, as the dungeons are randomly generated making the monster slashing and treasure looting more than just your average RPG game. When we talk about roguelike, the game features some cool pixel art that you will definitely enjoy leveling your characters in the process. Not to mention the gruesomely fun way to die in all pixel glory.


The game features 15 randomly generated levels that include a prison and sewer theme level, 10 types of monster to battle plus 3 bosses. There are over 50 types of items, weapon, wands etc to collect and various dungeon features like traps, chest and more that awaits for the weary adventurer.

While the levels are quite short, but the added randomness on each dungeon you play makes up for the short levels of the game. For those of you who are fond in playing RPG crawlers, then Pixel Dungeon might be the right game for you. Check it out on the Google Play Store for free.

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