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Phosphor Games Upcoming Adventure Game Horn Pushed Back Next Week

Posted August 18, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in News

Horn is the latest game to be added on the Tegra Zone and is developed by Phosphor Games together with partnership with Zynga. The game was expected to be released this week but was pushed back to a week. When the game launches, it would be available in both the Google Play and Tegra Zone respectively.

Horn is one of the first few games to run on the new Unreal Engine and based from the screenshots and trailers, the game is looking good. Zynga will be publishing Horn with their Partnership Program but for now, it is released as Zynga’s brand. Horn is very much influenced with Zelda, and Infinity Blade mashed into one awesome title.

Features of Horn

  • Accessible controls that anyone can use- walking, jumping, slashing, even grapple hook, are all
  • performed with intuitive gestures
  • Freely navigable console-quality detailed world- go wherever you want; not confined to limited
  • path or rail
  • Story and characters that will surpass the best offerings on the platform
  • Touch-friendly melee combat and crossbow style weapons
  • “Pick up and play” objectives and challenges that allow for short and long gaming sessions
  • 3 unique and beautiful fantasy worlds to discover
  • 9 game levels with multiple challenges per level
  • 10 Hours of story missions, plus endlessly escalating challenge modes
  • Hidden side content to discover
  • Score written by award winning Austin Wintory (‘Journey’)

As far as the gameplay is concerned, combat resembles that of Dark Meadow where you have to do a bit of swiping and dodging enemies attack. The environment will be fully interactive and compared to other games, you have the freedom to do what you want. There is also a sidekick that will come in handy that will help you out and complain most of the time during the game.

Horn is already released for iOS devices but for now we’ve just have to sit back and enjoy the screenshots. Once we’ve got the game running you’ll be the first one to know our Horn Review.

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