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Nevasoft Releases Strategy Game LandGrabbers: Doesn’t Involve Finding Hidden Objects

Posted September 5, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

You might be familiar with Nevosoft games for their Magic Academy 2, Mysteryville  and other similar games that involves around finding hidden objecs in the game. Well, this time aroudn it seems their branching out to other game genres and are into strategy gaming with their newest release which is called as LandGrabbers.

From the name itself, it pretty much describes itself as a real-time strategy and this could be Nevasoft’s first strategy game. LandGrabbers is set in the Middle Ages and players will have to create armies, conquer castles, as you try to expand your army of your own. And no strategy game will ever be complete without resources, and in LandGrabbers you need to have as much resources in order to create new buildings and units.

Here are the features of LandGrabbers

  • Unique level mapping design for deeper tactical capabilities
  • Three incredible enemy armies
  • Five types of buildings with different strategic features
  • Three difficulty levels that will challenge even experienced strategy experts
  • Gorgeous graphics and a catchy soundtrack create a medieval atmosphere

Mixed with a fantastic storyline and innovative combat system, you will be pitted for an intense 27 level combat that spans in three different places. This could be a nice touch for Nevosoft to update the game in the near future.  The different places and terrain is a good mix of what a real strategy game should be and this holds true for the enemies that you have destroy. If you have always wanted for an addictive strategy game with diversified units and enemies, then LandGrabbers could be the next one on your list.

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