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Moonlight Runner Lets You Run in a Gloomy World

Posted January 24, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

The quote “Dancing with the devil” literally has turn to life in this indie game developed by Eyad Khader known as Moonlight Runner. In this newly released running platform game, your main objective is simple and that is to run as fast as you can while you collect golden flying bugs in the process to rake up more points during the end of the level.


Along the way, players will encounter hidden paths that can be used to boost your score as Moonlight Runner will let you jump and run around freely in the environments. In terms of graphics, the game is as an absolute gem. Payers will be able to control a female girl all clad in black with Medusa inspired hair. The black hues and shades of dark colors make the atmosphere enticing and gives the game the look and feel of a gloomy environment. However, there aren’t that much levels that you can run around. But rest assured that the developer will be releasing a new level each week.


Moonlight Runner is one of those running games that we really can’t miss and it certainly a great running game. You can check out Moonlight Runner on the Google Play Store for a small price $0.99.

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