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Isle of Bxnes is a Cannibalism Hunting Game that Features Permadeath

Posted November 12, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Action RPG games are gaining popularity these days and one of which is Isle of Bxnes, in which your character will particularly die forever if you’re not careful. This is pretty a hardcore game that involves around your character and surviving the harsh island. The game is set in a period back to the stone age in which cavemen and cannibals thrive in groups together with unfriendly creatures.


In order for you to survive you need to hunt food and other resources to survive.  These resources will eventually be consumed and you need to fight of your territory in order to have access to all of the places in the game.  Isle of Bxnes is beautifully crafted in hand drawn pixel art that features thousands of animations. The “Permadeath” feature is what makes the game challenging, meaning if your character dies, it will be lost forever.


The game also features randomization as each session will be completely different with a huge number of enemies and boss battles. Think of it as Minecraft, where you have to survive in which each playthrough is totally different from the other.  If you are looking for some challenging action packed gameplay that involves surviving, then certainly Isle of Bxnes will definitely not disappoint. You can download Isle of Bxnes for $2.99 off the Google Play.

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