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Hero Siege is Miniature Bite Size Diablo RPG Game

Posted December 19, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

The holiday season has finally arrived, and it looks like many developers are gearing up with plenty of new games. While others are featuring snow themed or Christmas updated levels to celebrate the season, Hero Siege on the other hand is a bloody hack and slash game that will surely entertain you during those dull moments in the bus.


If you have played Diablo on the PC version, then you will certainly love Hero Siege. In this particular game you will be able to play miniature size Diablo version of the games with additional rogue like elements on top of the core gameplay. Just like any RPG game you can actually choose different characters with their own different skills and strength. There are even plenty of weapons you can choose from and achievements to unlock during the course of the game.


Hero Siege Features tons

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of unique elements that includes randomly generated dungeons, bosses, secrets, and other events. So every time you play the game each session is different. There are also 100 uniquely crafted items that can be useful for your characters. Over 40 different enemies will be randomly generated with the ability to drop rare items. And for the levels, there are 3 Acts that consists of 5 zone with different dungeons.

Hero Siege is actually a large game. If you happen to love Diablo style gameplay, then

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where pretty much sure you’ll love Hero Siege. And Yes, it is absolutely free to download.

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