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Help Save Puppets in this addictive puzzle game Puppet Rush

Posted September 25, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Got an itchy trigger finger? well you’re in luck as a new puzzle game called Puppet Rush is heading its way to the Google Play Store to give new players a chance to let their fingers do some lightning fast reflexes as they attempt to save all the puppets as they can on each level.

Helping the puppets to safety requires you to guide each one of them to the end.  It may sound easy to accomplish but the truth is these puppets wander mindlessly and they roam around each stage tripping traps, and doing other dangerous things that you don’t want them to happen.


Puppet Rush has four different worlds that you can accomplish for a total of 80 levels, with each level becoming harder than the previous one. The game is not hard though as you can actually predict their movements when they arrive at a corner as well as turning around when they reach a dead end.

If controlling puppets is your thing then Puppet Rush will surely entertain your senses. You can grab a copy of Puppet Rush for a small price of $1.12 at the Google Play Store.

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Paolo Nikko
Paolo Nikko

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