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Gear Up in a Mechanized Robot and Battle Out Aliens with Mechs vs. Aliens Coming to Android

Posted October 20, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

What can be more exciting than to see a giant mech and aliens battling it out for supremacy. Well, that’s the same thing that you can expect from Mechs vs. Aliens an upcoming Android game that falls into the category of interesting games for Android.  Who doesn’t want to see a giant mechanized robot battling out with Aliens?

Mechs vs. Aliens will let players suit up and control a powerful mech battling out aliens. Judging from the trailer itself, the game already has some potential and could prove to be another successful title if done right. As of now, there is exactly no other details that we can muster, but we do now it is made from Animoca’s sister company called Turnout Ventures.

We also do know that each mechanized robot will be modeled based on its country of origin much like that of Pacific Rim. For example, the Japanese Mech will have their own specialty and that is able to do much firepower. Based on our gathered information, there are three mechs namely Japan, France and USA with more to be added when the game is released.

Speaking of release, there is no details when it will be out on Android aside from the “Coming Soon” tagline. Once we get enough details, you’ll be the first one to know.

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