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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Social Gaming with Mobage

Posted December 15, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Square has been teasing us with a lot of Final Fantasy themed games lately from music mashing Theatrhythm to classical RPG Final Fantasy III. Now comes another exciting new installment that Square has prepared for Android users and they managed to make it happen by teaming up with DeNA to be published in Mobage social gaming platform. Introducing Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, that lets player relieve their dreams in battling Ifrit, Shiva or Bahamut.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade has already attracted a huge audience in East Asia with Japan and Korea leading the top with 3 million players in total since its launch.

However, for die hard Final Fantasy fans, don’t expect the same old battle system that you have been familiar before in the past as the game is restricted to automatic style combat. Being published into the Mobage Social Gaming platform means one thing, and that relies heavily on social interactivity with other players. For starters, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade will let you go on an adventure through a Final Fantasy themed world. Players will be able to form groups called as airborne brigades that will help you out on taking powerful bosses as you gain experience and leveling up your characters.

Players collect cards from previous Final Fantasy games, do regular events, acquire legendary weapons and a lot more. While there isn’t any strategy for the game as you only need to attack and automatically your characters beat hose monster to a pulp. More like watching a video.

Anyways if you always sitting around on Facebook playing social games well Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade could be your next game to tinker with. You can download it for free at the Google Play Store.

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