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Become a Huge Ball of Clay and Squish Monsters in Clay Jam

Posted December 1, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Zynga’s new game release today is rather unique of its game called as Clay Jam, where you are tasked in guiding a Fat Pebble down a road then squashing them along the way. As you smash monsters, Fat Pebble will increase its size. Since the whole town is entirely made everything of clay, you can ram monster squishing them in the process. Instead of completely obliterating them from the field they actually end up sticking to you turning you into one big rolling ball of clay.

Reaching at the bottom of the hill, you will meet a fearsome Bully Beasts who threatens to destroy the land as well as imprisoning some good monsters.  In order to defeat the beast you have to roll down and pile-up as much clay as you can before you can defeat the beast.

Since the game is actually made out of clay, then you’ve guess it right, the graphics are entirely made out of clay. Enjoy all the lush sceneries of the wonderful hills made out of virtual clay.

Clay Jam features beautiful graphics made out of clay, a unique “gouge” control system, a list of peculiar characters that you can meet, simple gameplay of squash, roll and bounce down the hills, 5 strikingly made hills to rebuild, 5 boss Bully Beasts to defeat, an original music score and lot more.

Judging by the looks of it, Clay Jam is already a masterpiece on its own.  And even better as the game is actually free to download. If you want some simple fun that doesn’t tend to complicate things or an easy game to play during those long hours in the bus, then this is your chance to grab Clay Jam absolutely free on the Google Play Store.

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