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Astro Boy Dashes off to Google Play with Endless Runner Platform

Posted August 26, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Have you remember the old school cartoon that you used to spend your days watching as a kid? We’ll Astro Boy is back and it comes dashing through Android.  Published by Animoca, the game is officially called Astro Boy Dash, and features an endless running game where you have to control Astro Boy.


The entire game features all of your favorite Astro Boy characters that you have loved before. There is also the opportunity in playing Astro Girl as well. Professor Ochanomizu does give Astro Boy a heavy beating with his lectures and teaches him about his robotic body and advance capabilities that he can do. However, Astro Boy gets bored and runs away to do a bit of his own experiments by running through streets, evading obstacles and grabbing as much coins as possible.


Collect coins during your run and it can be used to spent on power-ups and other upgrades. Players can also use it to unlock a wide variety of costumes for your robotic character to wear. There is also an online leaderboard in which you can compete with friends and share your in-game achievements online through Google+ and Facebook. If you have always been an Astro Boy fan during your early years, then definitely Astro Boy Dash is ripe for the taking. You can download it absolutely free on the Google Play Store.

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