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Apple II Classical Retro Game Lode Runner Dashes Away onto Google Play

Posted January 21, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Classical games such as those coming from the 8-bit era, has slowly been crawling their way into Android. And one such game coming back from the past is Load Runner Classic, which was previously an Xperia exclusive.  For those of you who don’t own any Sony Xperia device, then this might be your first introduction with the game, that is if you haven’t been born in the early golden years of the Apple II in which Load Runner was first seen running.


Lode Runner Classic still remains faithful to the original game with the classic 2D graphics, complete with bricks, ladders, monkey bars and enemies. Load Runner Classic features all of the 150 classical games back to life with some minor visual enhancements tweak to make it work properly on Android devices. Not only that, the controls have also been tweaked for mobile gameplay. Some neat new features have also been added to the game like being able to zoom-in your runner, letting you see all the pixel-size beauty of it. There are also other color schemes that you can adjust and gameplay speed.


The game features two game modes, the Expedition and Time Attack modes. With each mode having their own specialize gameplay with Expedition mode concentrating on a campaign mode while the other mode involves beating the clock.

Retro gaming fans this is your chance to own one classical games of the old 8-bit era. You can enjoy Lode Runner Classic for $2.99 by checking out the Google Play Store.

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