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Android Game Console Ouya, Gets Unofficial CWM Support

Posted May 27, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

For those of you who have already rooted their Android phone then certainly you’ve probably have heard the word “custom recovery”. Well, here’s some good news. According to the thread over at XDA Forums, some developers have been working on a CWM recovery software for the Ouya.

We already have heard of the Ouya and it was planned to be an Android console born from the Kickstarter page. Ouya waas originally plan to offer access to every console from modders and hackers or to people who just want to tinker every bit of a computer.  And it seems the guys at XDA have managed to create an unofficial support for CWM recovery for the machine, which translates to ROMs, appearing in the  console in the near future.

While the retail launch of the Ouya hasn’t officially happened yet, we do know that those who ordered a developer model of the console have already have theirs.

It should be interesting to know that the community is also brewing up their own custom ROMs and kernels breeding Ouya to life. Of course before you can install custom made ROMs you do need to root your console first.  You can check out their guide here (instructions, download OUYA ROM).

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