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Archive for October, 2013

Tin Man Games Releases Spellcaster: The Forgotten Spell; An Interactive RPG Book

Tin Man Games is keeping up the pace when it comes to developing new games in celebration for their 5 year anniversary. Their new game released on the Google Play is yet another interactive RPG title called Forgotten Spell. How...


Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VI This Coming Winter for Android

Yesterday we talked about Square Enix of brining Dragon Quest for Android. This time around, more news have surfaced that Final Fantasy Vi is also coming to Android this coming Winter season with more other titles in the wraps....


Animoca Brings Ultraman Galaxy; An Action Packed Arcade-TCG Game

Animoca finally launches off to Google Play bringing the Ultraman franchise to Android. The new game is officially labeled as Ultraman Galaxy and is actually more of a TCG game with battle animations. Ultraman Galaxy is a TCG g...


Square Enix Announces Eight Dragon Quest Games Coming to Mobile Soon

Square Enix is a company synonymous for their RPG game Final Fantasy that catapulted them to their success. However, it’s not only Final Fantasy that made Square Enix known to the gaming world, but also¬† they have other ...


Popular RTS Game Clash of Clans Available for Selected Android Devices

Just a few weeks ago Supercell had changed their mind in bringing Clash of Clans to Android after they have stated before that they won’t have plans in bringing it to other versions. Since then, the game is already underg...