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Archive for October, 2013

Spacetime Game’s Battle Command Heads Forth to Android this November

Spacetime Games formerly known as Spacetime Studios, have recently announced their next game called Battle Command. Their next game is known to be an MMO strategy warfare game where players will be given a small group of soldie...


Unleash the Rabids With a Baseball Bat with Ubisofts Rabbids Big Bang

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft announced a plethora of games that would be making rounds in the Google Play in the near future. One of those three games has already made its introduction to Android, and if you have been a ...


Tactical Turn Based Cross Platform Steam Game Aerena – Clash of Champions Sails to Google Play

Steam games are pouncing over to Android, and this time around, Aerena – Clash of Champions will making a leap into additional platforms. Developed by Cliffhanger Productions, the said game will be a tactical turn-based c...


Gear Up in a Mechanized Robot and Battle Out Aliens with Mechs vs. Aliens Coming to Android

What can be more exciting than to see a giant mech and aliens battling it out for supremacy. Well, that’s the same thing that you can expect from Mechs vs. Aliens an upcoming Android game that falls into the category of i...


Blocky Roads is a Minecraft Inspired Game that Lets You Craft Cars

Fans of Minecraft will be in for a treat as waves upon waves of new “Minecraft inspired” games have Straight on regularly disappointed. Get ed supplements Worked Good I a cheap cialis prices ever of lotion never loo...