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Vector Unit’s Riptide GP 2 Splashes Down to Android with Online Multiplayer

Fans of Riptide can finally enjoy the sequel as Riptide GP 2 has arrive just on time to the Google Play. For those of you who are not familiar with the series, we’ll Riptide is a racing game that lets players ride Hydro J...


Turn Based Multiplayer Game TurtleStrike Bombs Its Way onto Android this July 25th

Nothing can be cooler with a Turtle having some armaments up on its shell. And that is how the developers eeGon, has in mind when coming up with the game TurtleStrike.  This particular game is most similar to many combat games...


Bounty Arms Lets You Whack Enemies with a Huge Fly Swatter

Android gamers are patiently waiting for the upcoming game from Kerosene Games and Open-Reset’s action game called Bounty Arms to arrive on Android facing some tough development delays. Finally, the long awaited game will...


The Walking Dead: Assault Crawls Its Way to Android

Zombie games are everywhere in the Google Play Store, but definitely this new one will certainly shock the living out of you. Fans of the hit T.V series The Walking Dead are in for a treat as The Walking Dead: Assault is primar...


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Brings the Balding Dorky Sex Crazy Douche to Android

Leisure Suit Larry has gone a long way around since it was first introduced way back through the early days of Windows. Recently there was a Kickstarter campaign where the new Leisure Suit Larry game was going to be remade and ...