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Transformer Legends is TCG Game That Lets Battle Out in PvP Matches

Transformer fans you will certainly love more the TCG game called Transformers: Legends. DeNA has just announced that the said game will get episodic updates through this month, and each week will get a fresh new content in the...


Android 4.4 is Officially Named As KitKat

It’s official, the new Android 4.4 version is officially named as KitKat. And yes, it is the same as those crispy chocolate wafer bars that you have munched on. This means, it is the first version of Android to be named a...


Breach & Clear Gets A Green Light, Released on Android September 5th

We’ve got some good news for those who are waiting the much awaited Breach & clear for Android. The newest tactical squad that we have previously reported is now coming to town and instead of a free-to-play game, the ...


Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Flies Its Way to Android

┬áSkylanders is not just your ordinary game, but rather a unique type of game that combines toys and video games and mashes it into one. You’ve probably have heard of the game when it was supposed to come out way back in ...